LABOR DAY APPEAL: Stronger ties in academics, trad-tech sector to improve PH product marketing

Masiding Noor Yahya
May 1, 2023

A FILIPINO journalist who has patented a utility model for a clean energy conversion system has appealed to the sectors of the academics and traditional technology to work together for the conduct of more research and development studies on worthy utility projects and industry products.

Also, in a Labor Day letter, journalist Nash B. Maulana said a worthy concern for both sectors to take up with President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr. are innovative products that are still not in the platform of the conventional market, because they are hardly backed by research and development (R&D) studies.

Maulana said there is a “wide-gap” perturbing what is supposed to be a “collaborative working relationship” between academics and workers of the traditional-technology sector.

R&Ds usually covers marketing studies related to the subject-product and the probability of forging a public-private partnership (PPP) to finance massive production.

Maulana noted that the two sectors may be bound by “some policy-based collaboration,” but are “not actually working together”—“may be because they differ in terms of work or labor priority.” He added that another factor could be “frequency” in terms of the level of education in which formalities on trad-tech workers stand inferior of the academics, mostly having doctoral degrees.

A news correspondent of the Manila Standard, Maulana has worked on developing a model of clean energy conversion system (ECS) which has been issued a Certificate of Patent in its name “T-MPG” as a Utility Model (UM) by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) in May 2022. But he said he would rather delve on social marketing “in the realm of education,” rather than “aim for a boost and financial gains” in capital marketing.

Maulana said he was referring to already existing products like floods emergency floaters, and the Danao gunsmith and production of “homemade” guns which are still deemed “illegal” to this day.

But Maulana said he incidentally has been facing similar difficulties in gaining appropriate academics and technological cooperation for the conduct of R&D on his own energy conversion UM system.

“There are usually stiff requisites on the conduct of R&Ds normally unmatched by and among traditional technology workers, and with very little time or attention that academics can spend working on them.

“A note of reality worthy to take up with the President is a general concern, whereby a number of products from innovative small- to medium scale industries are not in the platform of conventional market, because of the absence of R&D,” Maulana stressed.

But Maulana said with the lack of collaboration between academics and the trad-tech workers of the local gun industry, the need for the conduct of R&Ds has been set aside for decades.He said the still “underground market” of the Danao gun industry has not gained its fair share of the conventional market because “its production in Philippine workmanship is not covered by relevant R&Ds.” So, “both its production and sale are still tagged ‘illegal’ by the media, “yet it defines Filipino ingenuity.”


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