World: NOT our permanent dwelling place

By Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano

Have you had any experience in moving from one boarding house, apartment, or house to another?

This is so common for students and workers alike living in rented accommodation. 

Photo by Chris Schippers on

Sometimes, for whatever reason or circumstance, we have to leave the place where we already feel comfortable.

Transferring is physically and mentally exhausting; especially during packing all of those stuffs because we have to find time to do it outside of our official work hours but we have no choice at all.

After all that, we have to transfer all of it to our new location. Hah! To carry all that heavy load is not a joke. 

Well, house transfer has already become part of my life and it has occurred many times since I was in college.

The same goes when I was in Manila applying for work overseas. 

On November 2021, my friends and I had to move into our new apartment. 

Yes, last November 2022, once again, after a year, we had to transfer to our new apartment. It is the fifth apartment in which I have lived here in Qatar. 

Working abroad, an employee has two options: to stay in accommodation provided for by the employer through the company or the employee may choose to rent out but the employee is paid a monthly housing allowance.

Whenever I find a new apartment, I always prefer a place close to my workplace, metro stations, grocery store, and other essentials hub. 

This year, not only am I close to those convenient places but most of all my new apartment is near the Masjid which makes me elated and thankful. 

The Masjid is just right next to us. Every time it is time to pray, the call to prayer resonates in my bedroom. 

Forsooth, I can only say that this world is not our permanent dwelling place. Someday, we shall all be at our final abode to reap what we sow in this TEMPORARY world.

May Allāh bestow upon us the best place to live in the afterlife.

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