Fatal jealousy: Elder wife admits shooting dead hubby’s young better-half

By Ali G. Macabalang

Suspect Casmera Casim Panglima-Ampaso. (Online photo)

Extreme jealousy turned fatal when an elder wife shot dead her husband’s new younger half on November 28 in Marawi City.    

The suspect was named as Casmera Casim Panglima-Ampaso, 40, of Marawi City’s barangay Poblacion, while the victim was identified as Jasmin Amer Imam-Ampaso, 15, of barangay Pindolonan, Calanugas, Lanao del Sur.

Joint police and Army elements caught Casmera shortly after gunning down Jasmin at 2:20 pm Monday somewhere in the suspect’s suburban village, according to an online post by the BNB news network.

Jasmera sustained a bullet wound in the head and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Amai Pakpak Medical Center in Marawi City.

In the news network’s interview video-recorded in Maranao vernacular, Casmera admitted committing the crime due to her husband’s breach of an alleged agreement with her that he would not marry again.

It was gleaned in Casmera’s confession that she has step-children with the husband, who was not identified in the report.

She claimed that her husband had divorced her, but remarried her later with an alleged written promise that he would not take in another wife.

She blamed her step-children for allegedly instigating their father’s marriage with 15-year-old Jasmin. (AGM)

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