Saudi Arabia celebrates Halloween; netizens have mixed reactions

  • Halloween has once again ignited controversy over what is halal or haram, to join the West in celebrating non-Islamic events.
HALLOWEEN: People dressed in costumes to celebrate Halloween during “Scary Weekend Event” at Boulevard, during Riyadh Season in Riyadh, October 28, 2022. Siasat Daily photo

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) celebrated the festival of Halloween alongside activities of the Riyadh Season 2022 between Thursday to Saturday, October 27 to 29, foreign media reported.

India-based Siasat Daily said Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority had planned the first and largest public celebration of Halloween ever, as it opened the spooky weekend with people wearing terrifying costumes, walking down Riyadh Boulevard, two days before the Americans’ Halloween celebrations.

The head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Advisor to the Saudi Royal Court, Turki Al-Sheikh, said through his Facebook account that “the atmosphere in the weekend is terrifying,” Siasat Daily said.

According to other media reports from the Middle East, Saudi Arabia fully embraces the pagan festival of Halloween, with pumpkins and lights adorning malls and homes.

The Islamic Information, a news portal all about Islam, reported an employee of a store in Riyadh as saying the holiday brought happiness to his colleagues and customers.

According to the National newspaper, Fahad Alzowaid enjoys seeing the joy captured in people’s faces. He said everyone was buying makeup, costumes, and props to commemorate the day.

Halloween-themed costumes and decorations are available in malls around the kingdom, while bakeries and supermarkets highlight pumpkin season and offer items related to the holiday.

In addition to the Halloween events you can attend as a family this year, there is a Halloween event at Riyadh Season’s Winter Wonderland, including a haunted house, a scary maze, and games. Trick-or-treating in Riyadh can also be done at the Tuwaiq Palace.

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