MNLF Members of the Parliament extend assistance to flood victims

By The PMT Desk

COTABATO CITY – Members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) collectively provided humanitarian assistance worth more than one million pesos in cash and in kind to victims of typhoon “Paeng” that brought with it strong winds and heavy rains which caused deadly floods in parts of the Bangsamoro areas and Zamboanga City since Friday dawn.

Media reports said flash floods and landslides set off by torrential rains left at least 47 people dead, including in hard-hit southern provinces of the BARMM, where as many as 60 villagers were feared missing and buried in a deluge of rainwater, mud, rocks, and trees.

In a statement, the seven MNLF members of the Parliament nominated by MNLF Chairman Nur Misuari to the BTA said the tragedy prompted them to come together and pooled resources from their respective offices to help the victims.

The seven MNLF members of Parliament are:

  1. MNLF Vice-Chairman and Parliament Deputy Speaker Abdulkarim Tan Misuari
  2. MP Hamid Malik
  3. MP Atty. Randolf Parcasio
  4. MP Tarhata Maglangit
  5. MP Nurredha Misuari
  6. MP Abdulaziz Amenodin
  7. MP Denmartin Kahalan

They said the MNLF-BTA senior officials headed by MNLF Vice-Chairman and Parliament Deputy Speaker Ustadz Abdulkarim Tan Misuari are guided by the teaching of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (saw) that states, “Whoever alleviates the hardships of someone in distress, Allah will alleviate his hardship in the worldly life and the Hereafter (Sahih Muslim).”

They said the Bangsamoro are witnessing a catastrophe and how it impacts the most vulnerable members of the society.

Deputy Speaker Misuari said his thoughts and prayers went with all the victims and their families and he would like to say, ‘thank you to his colleagues in the MNLF and in the BTA for selflessly involving themselves in relief efforts.’

“The MNLF and the BTA stand with the Bangsamoro people especially during this time of need,” added Misuari.

This act of public service on the part of the MNLF-BTA members highlighted that in unity there is strength; in times of disasters, everyone, especially public servants, can come shoulder-to-shoulder and help ease the discomfort, the agony, and the heavy hearts of the people. “Acts such as this must be multiplied so that the people may feel the semblance of good governance and service for the sake of Hulah, Bangsa and Agama,” Deputy Speaker Misuari stressed. (With story from the Office of MP Abdulaziz Amenoden)

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