by Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano

The hater, bitter, negative mindset people,
name it, will always be around
They are everywhere
watching, listening, observing at us
and waiting for something
they could criticize!
It could be hidden or manifest
They could pretend to be kind
when face to face
and when you turn your back
they could smash you so harshly
That’s the nature of this world
There are good and bad
But, remember,
never do the same to them and others
To their level of inferiority never go
Continue to soar high even beyond the sky
brightly shine like stars
being admired because of its genuine beauty
As Muslims,
we are duty-bound to our Creator
to be always kindhearted people to everyone
and not just to the special few
Be kind, be sincere Lillāhi Taala;
but never be idiotic, please!
Yes, we are just human beings
and can be gravely hurt at times
Nevertheless, let’s always forgive people
who sincerely ask for forgiveness;
likewise, those who didn’t ask.
Let bygones be bygones.
Never bear grudges.
Kindness is
more than any
precious gem you
can have in this world.

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