Hataman urges Pres. Marcos to ensure equitable representation in Bangsamoro transition authority

Basilan Rep. Mujiv Hataman has called for the creation of a committee that will screen the qualification of those who will become part of the 80-man Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) if President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. decides to exercise his appointive power under the amended Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL).

Rep. Mujiv Hataman. (FILE)

Hataman stressed the need to ensure that appointments for BTA will be based on merit, proven competence, and unassailable integrity, a media report said.

He said he wished to ascertain that those who will sit in the next BTA have the qualifications to respond to the all the need of the Bangsamoro and its constituents and suggested to prudently check out whoever will be appointed here.

Under the BOL, the composition of the BTA will be appointed by the President and will serve until 2022, the end of the transition period.

However, Congress amended the BOL and extended the transition period until 2025. Republic Act 11593 also postponed the 2022 BARMM elections.

The new law also gave the President the power to appoint new members of the BTA.


Hataman said that “equitable representation” should be one of the main guiding principles in appointing the new set of BTA members.

“Kailangan natin siguraduhin na walang madedehado. There should be equitable distributions of seats. Hindi lamang ito BARMM ng iilan. Ito ay pamahalaan ng lahat nang nasa Bangsamoro,” Hataman added.

Earlier, a group of Bangsamoro group asked Marcos to create a ‘Search Committee’ for BTA applicants.

The Bangsamoro Successors Generation Network through Abulkhair Alibasa, regional coordinator for Central and Northern Mindanao, said the Search Committee can help in finding the most, right, and ideal members of the BARMM-BTA that will handle the region until the 2025 Election.

“The members of the search committee should come from the various sectors representing the different stakeholders of the autonomous region such as the women, academe, professionals, NGOs, religious, business sectors among others,” said Alibasa.

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