Of Laylatul Qadr and tidbits

By Mas NY

Today, Friday, April 22, is the 11th day of Ramadan. It is the start of the third part of the Holy Fasting Month when the Laylatul Qadr is said to have descended on earth in one of its (odd) days.

 Last night, it was calm and quiet and not a single tree nor plant or even a single leaf did I see in motion.

It was a cool night and there was an unusual serenity in the surrounding coupled with twilight amidst the dark which I had not observed for quite some time.

I don’t believe that all men are born sinners as the Bible says but I must confess I am a sinner or have been one myself sometimes or another.

And wishing to see the Laylatul Qadr descend, perhaps not literally or physically but spiritually, at least once in my life time, I began to face the Qiblah as soon as I felt that unusual moment (feeling or notion, whatever you may call it), wishing for Allah’s Mercy to include me among those who experience the descension to earth of the Power of Night.

This I did which I think others did, too.

Be blessed are those who live in the Right Path. Among the righteous are those who did not sell their akhirah for little worldly things which are immoral and illicit.


Let me congratulate my friends, relatives and all those who have passed the recent bar exams. Mubarak. Special mention to the Mindanao State University Marawi Main Campus for its exceptional performance in the examinations.

Congratulations to lawyer Norhabib Sumndad Barodi, in whose watch as MSU College of law dean, the University has done this unprecedented wonderful achievement.


Sa panahon nauuso ang kasinungalingan at paglilinlang, kaakit akit yaung mga taong nagsasalita ng katotohanan o di kaya’y mas gustong manahimik kay sa sumapi sa mga sinungaling at manlilinlang. Ang umiiwas sa kasinungalingan at paglilinlang ay dapat magpasalamat sa Panginoon sa katotohanan sila ay pinagpala.



Many married men are lonely and cry their pains in solitude that even their women know not. If they look for solace somewhere, they are not trees that cannot move but humans free to find their life..


Huwag gawing rason ang Islam para sa kandidatura mo sa maruming politika dahil alam natin di mo kayang linisin iyan.


I admire him for his courage to fight but it doesn’t mean I believe in his fight. What is important is he stands for what he believes in and fight for it.

Courage and bravery are twins wanting in our people. Which mean “Maratabat, Paninindeg, Kawarao.”


Dumaan lang itong mensahe sa messenger inbox ko:

 “Salam Ramadhan al Kareem. Limang taon na bakwit. 2017 -2022.

“Kamusta na mga organizers? Ranao Rescue Team (RRT), Saving Lives Movement(SLM), Moro Consensus Group (MCG), Sowaara Miyamagoyag, Let Us Go Home, Reclaiming Marawi Movement (RMM), Sowara Kalombayan, Drieza, sulutan, actorney, igagadong, Sam, Abu Mujahid, Almani, many others. Do we still have the energy to push for Marawi Advocacy? Just an idea/plan ‘Mashuara and Community Solidarity. IFTAR with IDPs’…”

Oo nga naman, kumusta na kaya sila?



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