11th Infantry Brigade marks Army Day on top of historic Bud Dahu in Sulu


BUD DAHU MARKER: Officials from the Sulu Provincial Tourism Office and Philippine Army officers jointly unveil the marker of the historic Bud Dahu right on top of the peak of this 2nd highest mountain in Sulu. The marker unveiled also narrated the historical significance of Bud Dahu where more or less 600 Tausug were massacred by the US Armed Forces on March 5-8, 1906. Hence, it became the infamous Bud Dahu Massacre. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

BARANGAY DANAG, Patikul, Sulu — The Joint Task Force (JTF) Sulu celebrated the 125th Philippine Army Founding Anniversary and the 116th Anniversary of the Battle of Bud Dahu on top of the historic Bud Dahu in Barangay Danag, Patikul, Sulu on Tuesday, March 22.

As part of the celebration, troops from the 1101st Infantry Brigade and civilian guests trekked the rugged terrain leading to the peak of Bud Dahu.

1101st Brigade Commander Brig. Gen. Eugenio C Boquio led the trek to Bud Dahu composed of security forces and civilians from Sulu that visited the site of the infamous massacre of Bud Dahu perpetrated by American soldiers who killed mercilessly Tausug men and women including children. Contributed Photo 

In a statement, 1101 Infantry Brigade Commander Brig. Gen. Eugenio Boquio, who led the troops and the civilians in climbing the peak of Bud Dahu, said that “it is fulfilling to climb the historic mountain in Sulu as we celebrate the very day when the Philippine Army was organized by our forefathers with so much sacrifices and love to our country.”

In his speech, Brig. Gen. Boquio said that “while we celebrate our 125th PH Army anniversary, it is unknown to some people except for the Tausug of Sulu that the Battle of Bud Dahu is probably one of the most gruesome events in our history where 600 Moros (Tausug), including innocent women and children, sacrificed fighting for freedom.”

CIVILIANS ENJOY MOUNTAIN CLIMBING: Civilians from among the Tausug of Lupah Sug now enjoy without fear a mountain climbing to the infamous site of the Bud Dahu Massacre in Danag, Patikul. They climbed to the peak of the mountain safely with military escorts from the 11th Infantry Alakdan Division Headquartered at Kuta Heneral Teudolfo Bautista in Jolo, Sulu. Contributed Photo

21st Infantry Battalion Commander Lt. Col. Eddie Abolencia narrated that a total of 421 security forces and civilian participants trekked Mount Dahu.

Among the civilian dignitaries who participated in the event was Julkiram Arastam, the Sulu provincial tourism officer.

Arastam said that he is elated by his one of lifetime experience to climb the historic mountain of Sulu. “I’m grateful to our security forces and partner stakeholders for this opportunity to join the trek as we honor and pay tribute to our forefathers,” narrated by Arastam.

“We are all witnesses on how the security landscape in Sulu significantly improved. The Tausugs of Sulu can now go and visit places, beaches, and other tourist spots they want without fear. As the tourism officer of Sulu and in collaboration with other agencies, we will advertise Sulu as now one of the best tourist destinations in southern part of our country,” said the Sulu provincial tourism officer.

Meanwhile, 11th Infantry Division and JTF Sulu Commander Maj. Gen. Ignatius Patrimonio expressed his gratitude to the security forces and reassured his commitment in supporting for the local tourism.

“The potential of Sulu to be the next best tourists’ destination is attainable. This momentous event is indicative of our united efforts and our love to our country,” said Maj. Gen. Patrimonio.

“I therefore enjoin you to move in unison as we strive towards the goal of making the province of Sulu a place of lasting peace and sustainable development,” Maj. Gen. Patrimonio added.

The Battle of Bud Dahu is a battle between the Moro Tausugs and the United States Armed Forces on March 5 to 8, 1906, which resulted to the deaths of about 600 Moro (Tausug) individuals, including innocent women and children.

Bud Dahu is the second highest point in the province of Sulu next to Bud Tumantangis: Sulu’s “Crying Mountain.” (JIJ)

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