SPECIAL FEATURE: LGU Maigo marks “63rd Founding Anniversary

Story and photos by ARMAND APOLINARIO

Former Mayor Rafael “Paeng” Rizalda gives his message on the 63rd Araw ng Maigo. (PMT photo by Armand Apolinario)

MAIGO, Lanao del Norte – The local government (LGU) of Maigo has successfully celebrated its 63rd founding anniversary on Feb. 27, 2022, in a simple but meaningful ceremony at the Maigo Gymnasium.

The celebration was attended by the 13 Barangay Captains, Barangay Kagawads, the Military, PNP, BFP, other government line agencies, department heads, employees, and visitors.

Municipal Vice Mayor Joseph Neri did the opening of the program proper and welcome all the Speakers, SB members, Barangay officials, the Military, PNP, BFP, all the municipal employees and visitors.

SB Member Julius Frago had explained the History of Maigo then and now, emphasizing the creation of Maigo Municipality by then President Garcia several decades ago.

During that time many skilled workers from Luzon and Visayas who had come in Mindanao that were welcomed by the prominent Muslim and Lumad leaders, even gave them big piece of lands and allow them got married with their women in the achievement of unity among all the tribes as they helped the development of Mindanao.

One time there were hunters of deer, the hunter had shoot a deer that was not fatally hit and had got ran to the shore, along the shore there were children that are playing and they saw the hunters that are coming and bringing with them firearms, the children got feared they ran and shouted; “Dagan ta kay basin MAIGO ta”!  At that time people learned it in said place and until this place  was  named “Maigo”.

The Maigo town’s name was originated from the children who were playing at the shore. During that period inter-marriages were allowed among the tribes in order to have unity among themselves and attend Peace, SB Frago explained.

MLGOO Cyrus Olavides gave his piece and said that he is impressed to our LGU Maigo leaders’ hard works that they have overcome the Pandemic and all other problems they encountered for the period.  Also, he recognized the full support, unity and oneness of all the people, the Barangay officials, the Military, PNP, BFP and all other sectors of the community, Olavides added.

MSU Maigo Supt., Atty Jamaloden Basar was represented by Dr. Abdulraof, she said that for two years having the Pandemic challenges that have overcome by the LGU Maigo and all government agencies support the pursuit of Peace and Development. And wish them, Happy 63rd Araw ng Maigo!, she said.

Hon. Mayor Ina Louise R. Miflores also gave her message thru virtual, she said that happy celebration on the 63rd Araw ng Maigo and she is very much thankful to the full support of all the people of Maigo to her Administration!

On the other hand, former Mayor Rafael “Paeng” Rizalda gave his Message, he extended his thanks to the support of all the Barangay officials and all people of Maigo.  Also, he recognized all the Speakers, SB members, all the department heads, the military, PNP, BFP, all the employees, visitors and all others.

He emphasized the History of Maigo, the importance of Unity of all the Muslims and Christians. The Maigo town was created by virtue of PD 332 signed by then President Gacia.

Now, the MSU Maigo has an expansion for the creation of Agricultural School and the LGU Maigo will provide land for the establishment of said school expansion for the youth, he said.

All the people in Maigo must unite and to achieve Peace and Development. The Maigo Leaders first thing to do is to address and make solution to all the problems at hand.  In Maigo, we need investors to have economic development, Rizalda added.

With our loan in bank, it will be poured to our town projects for Maigo’s development, and its monthly amortization will be charged from our 20% development funds, he explained its importance.

New development, the DepEd Division office will be transferred to Maigo, to include Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) office and 8th Judicial Court will be transferred in Maigo.  Those mentioned offices will give big opportunity to our economic upliftment and business activities, especially those who are engaged in restaurants, the transport or drivers and other businesses.  Many people from other places will come to Maigo for they have transactions with these three government offices, Rizalda explained.

For those people who are attacking Maigo Leaders are not considered that they are not real people of Maigo, with their action it is counter-productive to the development of this town, he concluded.

SB Rolando Semacas did the closing remarks, he extended his thanks for the virtual message of Hon. Mayor Ina Louise R. Miflores, and the messages of Vice Mayor Joseph Neri, former Mayor Paeng Rizalda. He also thanks the SB members, Army’s 5th Inf Battln, PNP, BFP, Barangay officials, department heads and wish them Happy 63rd Araw ng Maigo! 

SB Semacas have reminded all the people to always follow the health protocols by regular hand-washing, use of face masks  and observe social distancing.  God Bless!

The EMCEE is Karen Gay Patria-Dy, PhD did for the successful in handling this special event.

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