Telecoms technician jailed for grenade prank

By PMT Desk Staff

Erick Daque is now under police custody. (Courtesy of Task Force Davao) 

DAVAO CITY — He landed in jail for a malicious, unlawful prank.

Telecommunications technician Eric Daque is now detained, to be prosecuted for violation of Presidential Decree 1727 that outlawed malicious spreading of deceptive information such as false threats to set off an explosive or any similar deadly devices.

The Army-led Task Force Davao said the 42-year-old Daque was immediately detained and turned over to the police after he threatened to set off a fragmentation grenade when his vehicle was flagged down for inspection by soldiers in a checkpoint at a stretch of the Digos-Davao Highway in Barangay Sirawan in Davao City Sunday, January 30.

Army Captain John Louie Dema-ala, spokesperson of the anti-terror, anti-crime Task Force Davao, has confirmed the arrest and turnover of Daque to the nearby Toril Police Station for his offense.

Police and military probers found out that Daque did not really have a grenade, contrary to his threat to detonate one in the middle of the highway.

He is now clamped down in a lockup cell in the Toril Police Station, awaiting prosecution. PMT

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