SEAL awardees each get P2.5-M incentive, 18k gold medallion from MILG

COTABATO CITY – For the first time since its launching in December 2020, the Ministry of Interior and Local Government (MILG) granted the Salamat Excellence Award for Leadership (SEAL) to six (6) local chief executives (LCEs) in the Bangsamoro region.

Named after Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s (MILF) founding chair Sheikh Salamat Hashim, the prestigious SEAL award is given to LCEs whose leadership qualities demonstrate those of Salamat’s –  accountable, participatory, and service-oriented.

The six LCES who were conferred the award are Mayors Hanie Bud of Maluso, Basilan and Ali Sumandar of Piagapo, Lanao del Sur; and Maguindanao Mayors Abdulkarim Langkuno of Paglat, Datu Shameem Mastura of Sultan Kudarat, Mibpantao Midtimbang Jr of Guindulungan, and Ramon Piang Sr. of Upi.

Each of them received a cash incentive worth Php2.5-million and 18 karat gold medallion worth Php311,000.00.

Granting the SEAL was the highlight of the MILG’s PAGKILALA: Awarding Ceremony of BARMM LGUs held last week, January 19, at the Shariff Kabunsuan Cultural Complex in the city. The ceremony was part of the recently concluded 3rd BARMM founding anniversary celebration.

Best performing LGUs

During the PAGKILALA event, MILG also recognized more than a hundred best performing local government units (LGUS) – from the barangay level up to the provincial –  for their accomplishments in the areas of local legislation, administration, social services, economic development, and environmental management.

“Today we recognize, as part of the major program of the Bangsamoro Government, the exemplary performance of local chief executives of the Bangsamoro region from different levels of government… those who have truly performed and delivered on their mandate and have shown exemplary service to their constituents. They truly deserve our recognition,” MILG Minister Atty. Naguib Sinarimbo said in his opening message.

Under the Lupong Tagapamayapa Incentives Award (LTIA) category, twenty-nine (29) Barangay Local Government Units (BLGUs) were recognized for their exemplary capacity in settling disputes at the barangay level. Each awardee received a cash incentive and a plaque.

The champions in different categories, which received Php160,000.00 incentive, are:

– Barangay Rempes, Upi, Maguindanao – 1st to 3rd Class Category,

– Barangay Kauran, Ampatuan, Maguindanao – 4th to 6th Class Category,

– Barangay Limo-ok, Lamitan City, Basilan – Champion, City Category, and

– Barangay Tumbras, Midsayap 1 – Champion, Special Geographic Area (SGA) 1st to 3rd Class Category.

In another set of award, twenty-four (24) barangays that manifested great examples of how governance should be enacted at the grassroots were conferred with  the Seal of Good Local Governance for Barangays (SGLGB)— the first time in the region. Awardees each received Php50,000.00 cash incentive  and a plaque.

Still on the barangay level, nine(9) BLGUs were cited in the Search for Model Barangays (SMB)— one of the newest incentive programs of MILG, aimed to recognize barangays with exemplary performances, and serve as a fine example and aspiration on good governance. Brgy. Rempes of Upi, Maguindanao got the first spot with Php1-million cash incentive and a plaque. The rest of the finalists each received Php100,000.00 cash grant and a plaque.

For the Anti-Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) Functionality, thirty-eight (38) ADACs were recognized for their functionality and effectiveness and exceptional performance.

Furthermore, sixty-six (66) LGUs were recognized for passing the Local Government Functionality Appraisal (LoGFA) — a functionality and performance oversight tool developed by MILG using 7 categories of functionality such as: Presence of Government Center with Facilities; Presence of Working Elected and Appointed Officials and Functionaries; Functional Local Special Bodies; Functional Local Legislative Body; Approved Mandated Plans and Budget; Available, Visible, and Accessible Basic Services; Sound Fiscal Management.

Finally, twelve LGUs (10 in 2020 and two in 2021) that have shown innovative and excellent local governance practices that demonstrate sustainability and has potential for replication by other local government units were awarded through the LGU Grant Assistance for Innovative Practices (LGAIP) Program of the MILG.

LGAIP 2020 awardees were:

-Parang, Maguindanao – Comprehensive Program for Person with Disability;

-Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao – BISITA sa Barangay (Bringing Integrated Services and Innovation thru Team Approach);

-Buldon, Maguindanao – Balik-Baril Program;

-Buadiposo Buntong, Lanao del Sur – Serbisyong may puso para sa pangkapayapaan: The Dadayan Peace Initiative;

-Taraka, Lanao del Sur – Maternal and Child Care Program;

-Taraka, Lanao del Sur – 3M Drive: “Makinig,Matuto, at Magbayad Program: Intensive Tax Campaign”;

-Wao, Lanao del Sur – Ensuring Protection of Forestland and its Occupants through the Issuance of Individual Property Rights;

-Wao, Lanao del Sur – UYAKAP Program (Unang Yakap, Aaruga, Kalinga, Alay para sa Mag-ina Program);

-Upi, Maguindanao – Search for Model Barangay: Bridging Good Governance to the Grassroots; and

-Upi, Maguindanao – Upi Youth Governance Program: Nurturing Young Leaders in Good Governance.

Meanwhile, LGAIP 2021 awardees were:

-Paglat, Maguindanao – Creation of Community Leaders and Military Police-Advisory Council, and

-Taraka, Lanao del Sur – Summer Reading Program.

Each of the LGAIP awardee will receive PhP2.5-million incentive which shall be invested in program enhancement, expansion and/or innovation that shall be outlined in project proposal, to be submitted by the awardees and accounted for in program reports within one year from the date of receipt of the grant fund.

Minister Sinarimbo said that providing incentives to top performing LGUs is MILG’s commitment in improving governance in the region. (Abdullah Matucan/BIO)

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