In view of the forthcoming week-long celebration of the 3rd Bangsamoro Foundation Day which will kick-off on January 17, 2022 (Monday), all officials and employees of the Bangsamoro Government are required to secure a Car Pass at the Intelligence and Security Services (ISS) of the Office of the Chief Minister.

No motorcycle will be allowed to enter the Bangsamoro Government Center on January 17, (Monday) and 21 (Friday), 2022 from 6:00am to 1:00pm.

Officials and employees of non-BARMM offices within the Bangsamoro Government Center would only be required to present their valid office IDs at the main gate.

Clients of both BARMM and non-BARMM offices must give a photocopy of their driver’s license and Certificate of Registration (CR) to the security officer at the main gate.

For more details, please look for Jun Juanday at the ISS, Ground Floor of the OCM Building, Bangsamoro Government Center.


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