The Halalan 2022 Game: Filipino Voters’ Intelligence Must Not Be Insulted

The latest episode in the candidacy telenovela, in the form of a presidential candidate backing out, has left the general voting public laughing their heads off at best, and flabbergasted at worst. It and other recent instances of political maneuvers should give Filipinos a stern warning that they are and have always been played and preyed upon by incumbents and aspirants alike.

Such tactics only mean a few things for the Filipino about to exercise the right to vote in the coming year: that the Philippine political landscape has deteriorated further, and that much of the long-suffering electorate, already rendered disadvantaged by decades of neglect and poverty, are still being treated as gullible beings by the players in the political game, accepting of what they are offered (and deprived).

The present so-called information age, with social media at the helm is of not much help. It is being harnessed by all sides to sway the unthinking ones to make grossly poor choices anew with their ballots come election day. The current wave of historical revisionism complicates this further by making people idolize who in fact actually were their oppressors.

Hopefully, the Filipino, and yes, the Bangsamoro voter will already be fed up with being considered  as half-wits and will prove that claim wrong by finally using their better judgment to steer the better and deserving candidates to positions next year. The nation’s voters certainly deserve better. (PMT)


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