Diliman Way

with Homobono A. Adaza

“He whom the gods wish to destroy
they first make mad.” From Antigone

Now the cat is out of the bag –a presidential candidate is an illegal drug user, says PR Duterte. It’s cocaine – the plaything of the rich and famous, here and abroad. Many of the popular candidates are riding on the publicity by issuing disclaimers that they are not the ones referred to. This is the usual game of traditional politicians who believed in the saying of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that, in politics, any news is good publicity. 

Who ever is referred to by PR D should have been prepared for this bombshell. If this is true and there is reason to believe that it is, the bloated survey reports for this candidate will burst like a balloon. Unless the Filipino voters will continue to be dense as they were in 2016 when they elected PR D President, the dream to be President of the country of the target of PR D will be kaput. PR D will be singing this line from a famous song – “Goodbye, I hate to see you go but have a good time” with cocaine and your hallucination. 

The noisy supporters of this presidential candidate who PR D described as a cocaine user will end up singing – “Goodbye my teacher, goodbye. You will not come back again. You will not come back again. Goodbye, my teacher, do not cry.”

PR D will be laughing and celebrating with the narcissistic thought that he pulled a fast one on the cocaine using presidential candidate and the people.  – Did he?

Pot and kettle: But is this not a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Why? PR Duterte is an admitted user of fentanyl and marijuana. In so far as fentanyl is concerned, PR D uses it under medical prescription and supervision, thus his use of the illegal drug is not a violation of the law. The use of cocaine of the presidential candidate is illegal – if PR D is to be believed. The use by PR D of marijuana is still possibly under medical prescription and supervision so he does not run the danger of criminal prosecution.
But in the case of target of PR D, his use of cocaine is obviously illegal since there must be witnesses – fully documented as he underwent rehabilitation, according to PR D. Why didn’t PR D order the arrest of this cocaine using presidential candidate?

 Is it because he was a friend? Is he afraid of the powerful family of this cocaine using presidential candidate? Is it due to  the fact that this cocaine using presidential candidate is rich and famous not like the more than twenty thousand kids of poor families who were killed for using shabu as they could not afford the expensive cocaine? As a line of a song goes – “Why, oh why Delilah” To put in place – Why, oh why Duterte? Why, oh why PR D? Why, why, why? The questions are interminable. Up to this moment – we have no answers. Why?

Speculation: Since PR D provides us no answers, we have to rely on the rational in the realm of speculation. PR D is boxed into a corner, so to say – ICC is reported posed to have him arrested, many of his ardent allies deserted him because of his own fault, he is desperately trying to hold onto power, his popular support is dwindling, the Opposition forces are massing and marching, here and abroad, and the cocaine using presidential candidate maybe one of the leading candidates, according to the surveys – manufactured or not – while the candidate of PR D is lagging very much behind.

These are threatening developments for PR D – enough to give him nightmares or triggering lucid intervals. PR D is no amateur in battle engagements being a veteran of political wars. He may be foolish many a time but the man is street smart like leaders of the Italian or American Mafia. No wonder he came out with a crippling blow against the cocaine using presidential candidate. It is a master stroke!
But is it enough to elect Senator Bong Go President in the May 2022 election? Your guess is as good as mine. (Editor’s Note: Sen. Bong Go has reported his withdrawal from the Presidential race.)

Guessing game:  At this point, though the referent of PR D’s target is obvious, almost all known presidential candidates are issuing denials – that they are not the ones referred to by PR D. If none of them is the referent of the Duterte revelation – is PR D talking of a candidate who was declared by the COMELEC a nuisance or are they suggesting that PR D is hallucinating?

Both suggestions by way questions are wrong. PR D is talking about one of the leading candidates for President – very much alive, good looking, speaks good English reminding us of a leader of not so long ago, rich and famous, a spoiled child, and a weak leader. Anyone who does not know the well described presidential candidate by PR D must either be a fool, stupid, a moron or a simpleton. Which one are you? Or is PR D afraid confirming journalist Waldy Carbonnel’s observation that PR D is the bravest man in town with the longest tail down between his two legs.

Postscript: I cannot help feeling like Winston Churchill when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Why? I got that feeling when Facebook took down my recent post entitled, PR D and BB M, in my three Facebook accounts. Again, why? It justifies the late Speaker Pepito Laurel’s statement on me that I have utak sa bayag at bayag sa utak (brains in your balls and balls in your brains).

All of us – including Facebook, PR D, and presidential candidates – come and go like the waters of the river. What is important in life in a democracy is to let a “hundred flowers bloom let a thousand schools contend” and allow the voicing of thought that we hate as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes would have it.

None of us, humans, can be God except Jesus Christ Superstar. We are all vulnerable by time and circumstance as in the well-remembered words of Ecclesiastes – “for everything there is a season. And surely the seasons are not all yours –you who feel you are God. PR D intones, time and time again, to his enemies – “there is always a time for reckoning” PR D is absolutely right, one of those few occasions, and Facebook, presidential candidates and PR D are no exceptions. (HAA)

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