A Changing Political Landscape  

The Outside View

By Judge Panambulan M. Mimbisa (ret.)

For decades, the flow of traffic in the political terrain in General Santos City had been under the baton of such political big wigs as the Acharons, the Antoninos punctuated only by the unexpected entry of Mayor Lita Nunez and of late by the resurgence of the Rivera-Banas tactical and practical alliance marked by the election of Ronel C. Rivera as City Mayor holding the position for three consecutive terms and Shirlyn Banas as Congresswoman of the first district of South Cotabato.

In this coming 2022 elections Mayor Rivera will be challenged for the congressional for General Santos City by incumbent City Vice Mayor Atty. Loreto Acharon who is the younger brother of former congressman Pedro Acharon, Jr. and the late City Mayor Antonio Acharon.

In this coming elections, new and unfamiliar faces will be on the spotlight. For the mayoralty race, drug mugol and father of brigadahan, a community based social amelioration movement, Elmer Catulpos has thrown his hat into the prey.

In the run for membership in the City council, in addition to the incumbents like Pastor Blando, Attorneys Yumang and Lagare and civic leader Udjok Adcharon, we have comebacking Kagawads,7 lawyers Monching Mellisa and Jong Gonzales. Notable among the new faces who exudes brilliant insights on improving the economy are businessman Anas, lawyer Bembot Calonzo, Dr. Dinopol, and broadcaster Atty. Kan Balleque.

In the battle for the vice mayorship of the city, leading the race is former city mayor Lita Nunez.

The political landscape as it is now is customized for the traditional politicos given the culture and tradition among the people and electorates of blind loyalty. But this is now being threatened by  new breed of political players. How far they can go can only be answered by time.

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