Mayor Sara Duterte tests negative for illegal drugs

ILIGAN CITY – Vice presidential candidate and Davao City mayor Sara Z. Duterte on Wednesday said she tested negative for illegal drugs use.

In a statement on Wednesday, Mayor Duterte said she voluntarily took a drug test upon the request of her Uniteam partner, Senator Bongbong Marcos, to support the call for transparency as aspiring public officials.

Marcos who is running for president with Duterte as her running mate took a drug test earlier and was found negative of any illegal drug. He submitted to authorities the result of his drug test.

Duterte said Uniteam BBM-Sara’s stand against illegal drugs is united and unequivocal. “This can be seen from both our negative tests as well as our common stance against the proliferation of illegal drugs and the need for effective measures of prevention, rehabilitation, and enforcement,” she said.

Apart from the war against illegal drugs, Duterte said other “compelling” issues continue to challenge the country’s ability to provide long-term safety and security.

In choosing for the country’s next leaders in the 2022 elections, Duterte said it was crucial to focus on the substantial qualifications of the aspirants for the two highest posts.

“Particularly, that we examine our Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates under the lens of competence and experience – an infallible ability to manage the crisis through policy and practice built up through years of executive, legislative, and administrative exposure; a proven track record of delivering security and development; and a clear and tested platform for job security and sustainable livelihood,” she said.


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