BARMM legislators push for a medical school

COTABATO CITY — Bangsamoro legislators are pushing for the establishment of a Bangsamoro Medical School to provide accessible, affordable, and comprehensive medical education.

Bangsamoro Member of Parliament Susana Anayatin. (MP Anayatin FB page)

Member of Parliament (MP) Susana Anayatin, the principal author of the proposed Parliament Bill 150 on Wednesday said that it will serve “Bangsamoro young people from different territories in BARMM and may extend its services to other existing medical schools in Mindanao.” 

According to the proposed measure, the medical school will be constructed under the “capacity and capability” required by the licensing standards and regulation of the Commission on Higher and Technical Education (CHED) of the Philippines and the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges.

It will be under the supervision of CHED and the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges, which will be in charge of determining and approving the organizational structure for the facility’s management and operations. The BARMM’s education ministry will promulgate the implementing rules and regulations of the bill.

The Bangsamoro government’s top priority, as stated in the Bangsamoro Organic Law, is to develop a complete and integrated system of quality education that will serve as a subsystem of the national education system.

The Bangsamoro government must also create an educational framework relevant and responsive to the needs, ideals, and aspirations of the Bangsamoro people.


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