2022 Polls: Bangsamoro Voters Must Choose Their Dignity

As another election looms over the horizon, so have the hopefuls in the national levels vying for the topmost posts in the highest halls of power in the country. Many have been veterans of a first or second term, others seek an upgrade from a lower office to a higher one. Still others are newcomers waging a gamble to garner votes as first-time candidates or even independent ones.

The Bangsamoro voter, given the vast number of candidates, may think he is spoiled with choices. The truth is, however, that he and his fellow voters in the region do not have much to choose from. Given the reputations of many of the aspirants, especially when it comes to their track record of how they have treated the Bangsamoro in the past, it would seem that the Bangsamoro voter is wedged between a rock and a hard place this coming May 2022.

It would be safe to say that many of the candidates, even the favored ones, have treated the Bangsamoro as just like any other voter—good only as far as vote counts are concerned, perhaps even worse. The past three to six years have seen voters becoming disgruntled and disenchanted with promises broken by the ones they have voted into power. What then, is left for the conscientious Bangsamoro voter to do?

The best move would then be for any voter in the country to choose his dignity as a citizen of this country and that of the nation, in mind. The archipelago has suffered enough humiliation coming from the incompetence of its leaders.  The 2022 elections should serve as a means for the voters to redeem not only themselves, but the country as well. PMT

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