Politics and principles


by Moy Alonto Lucman

Somebody texted me that some close kins support a candidate your family long disdains. I told him, in biblical times, there is Abel and Cain. It’s human nature I guess.

Even among families, there is no unanimity in politics in terms of choosing presidential candidates.

More than looking at it as the primacy of democratic spirit, to me, it has much to do with the degeneration of principled politics.

The multi-party system in our electoral laws obscures principle based criteria in the selection of party candidates.

Winnability and popularity become the golden rule instead of Competence and good track record in the selection.

Dolphy, in his lifetime, could have become President hands down if he chose to run. Thank God he Did not. Because of the Multi-party system, Dolphy could have no problem finding a party to adopt him.

Much like Sen. Manny party hopping from PDP Laban to Promdi to suit his presidential aspirations.

The scenario could have been different if it is like in the old days where we only had a two party system.

The selection process would have been more stringent and competitive, and more likely, based on party principles and loyalty.

Turncoatism will also have its bygone days.

As it is now, Philippine politics is in its worst shape. No wonder our economy is 11 Trillion pesos deep in the shit hole, and, yet, some are so endeared to Tatay Digong.

But Don’t me.

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