Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

with Julmunir I. Jannaral

“Yes do not push it Manny Pacquiao.” These are not my own words but the words of one netizen named Tina A. Astorga. Tina eventually became my Facebook friend and just a friend in the social media and I have not met her in person. She identified herself as a full professor, moral theologian, and social ethicist.

Now I just want to make it clear that my main topic in my Batanes To Tawi-Tawi is about Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao as everyone knows he is now one of the presidential candidates in the 2022 national elections. Though he is my main topic but I have nothing against the “Pambansang Kamao” or People’s Champ and sometimes also called as Pacman.

I just would like to share to my readers to what Prof. Astorga wrote in the social media which I think it is worth sharing.

The crux of the matter is that Tina or the good professor is giving an unsolicited advice to Pacquiao in so far as his presidential ambition is concerned.

She told Manny “you are going beyond the bounds of what you could reach.” And she also told the boxing icon further, “ambition can kill the soul.” And it can make you lose money. The money you would waste on a fatal run for presidency, fatal for both of you and the country.

Instead she further advised Manny to build a foundation dedicated to developing amelioration programs for the poor.” This is just like the SAP (Social amelioration Program) of the government in this time of Pandemic.

Then you would leave a legacy of true compassion and generosity, to be remembered, and be passed on.

She added “help the poor through a foundation not through the presidency for which you are not intellectually prepared.” It is widely publicized in a social media that Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao has already his Baccalaureate degree but allegedly bought from the University of Makati. Therefore since it was not earned through sleepless night of hard study, it is therefore a “Fake Diploma.”

Prof. Astorga also touched on the boxing expertise of Manny by telling him, “throwing a good punch does not mean you can envision an economic program for the country. You are a boxer, not an economist, like I am not a plumber, I am a professor.” Each to his or her own. Kanya kaniyang galing.”

This is what Pacquiao estranged friend Mayor Luis “Chavit” Singson of Narvacan Municipality in Ilocos Sur gave an unsolicited advice to Pacquiao.

Singson used to be one of the closest friends of Pacquiao in which the Narvacan mayor was always with Manny inside the boxing ring just before the fight of Manny and immediately jumped into the boxing ring when the referee proclaimed Pacquiao or Pacman as the winner just to share the honor with the boxing icon.

However their friendship became sour when according to confirmed sources that Pacquiao as a Senator was insisting on trying to pass a law on the excise tax for tobacco which Singson does not like the plan of Pacquiao since the Singson family business will be affected since time immemorial the tobacco industry is the family business.

Recently, Singson in a radio interview had attacked Pacquiao saying that the latter will be wasting his money by running for President. Singson said Pacquiao has the tendency to become poor again due to his presidential ambition. The Ilocos mayor even gave an unsolicited advice to Pacquiao by just keeping his money for the future of his family particularly the future of his children. He said Pacquiao who lacks experience in governance will just end up a sure loser.

However, in the last hurrah of Pacquiao in his fight with the 35-year old Cuban Yordines Ugas, Pacquiao was defeated by unanimous decision to retain his World Boxing Association (WBA) welterweight title in what some observers speculated could be the Philippine Senator’s final fight, ending a legendary boxing career.

The speculation became true when Pacquiao himself announced and aired over a national television just before he filed his Certificate of Candidacy (COC) for President with the COMELEC on the first day of filing on October 1, 2021 that he is retiring from boxing and about time to hang his boxing glove.

This Columnist has now observed that running for public office entails lots of problems aside from the financial constraints; your “skeleton in the closet” are being exposed also by your political rival. The mudslinging cannot be avoided but already part of one being in politics.

Just recently Pacquiao another friend has spilled the beans on the boxing Champ. He is Jayke Joson, the friend of Pacman for 17 years which Cristy Fermin of TV5 calls him as “Pambansang Anino” to “Pambansang Kamao.” Joson in all the boxing bouts of Pacman was always behind the Boxing Champ. He divulged that Pacquiao ran away with P165 million. The P100 million is an advance payment of Paradigm Sports Management (PSM) firm aligned with UFC star Conor McGregor. The P65 million is from his pocket, according to Joson.

He said Pacquiao as an eight-division world champion did not honor his commitment with PSM leading to a falling out or misunderstanding between him and Pacman.

Finally, Prof. Astorga told Pacquiao, “do not dare the heavens. The presidency is not in your stars. Do not live on an illusion of grandeur. It will bring you down to your end.

Live simply, love simply. Cut deep into your soul, and ask who you truly are. There you will hear, rising from your wordless depths.

Your name shall continue to shine and you shall be loved for whom you dedicate your life.

Do not push it Manny Pacquiao!”

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