Martial Law: Has the Bangsamoro Forgotten?

September 21st has become very contentious among Filipinos, young and old, at present. While it is true that information regarding the dictatorship that had been toppled down in 1986 has become more accessible, thanks to the Internet and other revelations that have come to light, the historical revisionism that has accompanied it has been appalling, even dismaying.

It is shocking that considering that the Bangsamoro people were among those who had suffered the most through the many atrocities committed by the regime, a growing number, particularly the youth, have been extolling the “virtues” of that particular person of history, even going to the extent of invalidating the unfortunate experiences of Bangsamoro who were the harmed, even the lost.

One does not have to look very far into the annals of this country’s history to realize that the Bangsamoro, like the rest of the country, fared no better during Martial Law. Those who were privileged enough to have allied themselves with the powers-that-were during that time, of course, had benefitted from the connection, and thus, spared the injustices that their less fortunate Bangsamoro brothers and sisters were subjected to. The Malisbong, Palimbang Massacre, where Moro men and women, even children were either injured, killed or violated, and even the Jabidah Massacre should be proof enough that the leadership of the time was no saving grace as what many have been led to believe.

Bangsamoros should pay more attention to their past, and ignoring the fact that Martial Law caused the suffering and deaths of so many Bangsamoro is indeed a great disservice to their own tribe, and even to their faith. It would even be tantamount to rejecting their flesh and blood, as some of the victims may have been or are their own kin. The ones who had a great part in the atrocities inflicted upon the victims are not heroes.

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