Financial aid needed for a dad with brain tumor

Dear PMT-19 Help Desk,

Good day Sir. I am Ms. Jela Marie Travieza and I would like to ask for financial assistance from the readers of your Online Newspaper, Philippine Muslim Today in behalf of my seriously ill father, JESUS TRAVIEZA.

He was diagnosed to have a Brain Tumor.  As far as his medical condition as of now, he underwent biopsy last April at St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City.

The doctor who examined him also found out that he is afflicted with Cancer of the lungs. But he failed to undergo the much needed Chemotherapy since it entails big amount of financial expenses. 

I have seek financial assistance from DSWD but our request was turned down  because of our status that we are not residing in a squatter’s area.

The total target amount of hospital expenses is expected  to be in the amount of P2.5 millions.  We have a total amount of seed money of 934K donated by friends, relatives and the collateral use as well. However, the said amount is still not sufficient for the hospital expenses of my father.

Any amount of help is highly appreciated just to prolong the life expectancy of my father who is seriously ill at this time. Any good samaritan out there may deposit any amount to my Banco de Oro (BDO) bank account below.

BDO 008800046733
Jela Marie Travieza

Thank you so much Sir. 



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