LPP wants Pacquiao as ‘Standard Bearer’

They say he is still at high gear to run for President

Senator Manny Pacquiao.

MAKATI CITY: The Labor Party of the Philippines (LPP) also known as Workers and Peasants Party (WPP) in a press statement sent to the Philippine Muslim Today said the LPP and the whole country is still proud of Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao despite he was defeated by Cuban boxer Yordines Ugas for the World Boxing Association (WBA) title on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pacquiao failed to reclaim the WBA title after he was defeated by Ugas in a unanimous decision.

Prof. Oscar Morado, LPP senior vice president for operations and at the same time the party spokesman said on Pacquiao’s defeat: “the country is proud of you. Your loss is a pause for the future. The Party is fully at high gear to quarterback your run for the  Presidency.”

Morado described “Pacquiao as having a leadership clothe with decency, transcendence, and full disclosure. Your bear the pivotal light beam in this journey. The Workers and Peasants Party (WPP), at its nexus is the repository of the laboring class. Without an iota of doubt, you are the quintessential bearer of the Labor Party.”

According to the LPP spokesman, the party wants Senator Pacquiao to lead them in the 2022 Presidential Election.

Morado said the country now is in a state of stupor or in a state of extreme apathy. He also said “to say that we are a total mess, is an understatement. We need genuine change in leadership. 

Likewise Shariff H. Ibrahim, a member of the LPP National Executive Council being the Vice President for Visayas said it is a Labor government that will define the aspirations for peace, unity, trust, transparency in governance, progress, and competitiveness. 

Ibrahim said the LPP, formerly known as Lapiang Manggagawa and later as the Workers and Peasants Party, was founded and headed by lawyer Jose Malvar Villegas Jr. 

Meanwhile, in his Facebook page, Ugas thanked Pacquiao for giving him the opportunity to share the ring with him and described Pacquiao as still one of the best fighters ever.

Ugas also considered his fight with Pacquiao as amazing fight whom he considered the latter as one of the best fighters ever. “Go home and recover Champ. Thank you  for being an inspiration and a legend. You have my respect,” Ugas said.



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