Pointblank questions (with my answers)


by Ali G. Macabalang

In my Facebook page titled “Mindanao Tapatan Lane,” I posted questions related to current issues and concerns in Mindanao, notably in the Bangsamoro region, to elicit answers from concerned people or sway Facebook users away from posting trivial and nonsense messages or fake news.

The following are some of the questions, under which I provide my own brief answers:

“PRRD deems BARMM creation part of his admin legacies. Why is he neutral in the BTA lifespan extension debate?”

Except God, only President Duterte and/or his most trusted people know the answer. I could just hope that he, as claimed by optimists, would compel the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office and his influential cabinet to get positive steps done in the 18th Congress before the October 1-6 filing of candidacies for 2022 elections.

“Commuters pay fares in Marawi-Cotabato route 2x higher than elsewhere. MOTC promised to address the issue last March. What now?”

BARMM’s Transportation and Communications Minister Dickson Hermoso told reporters last March that he would look into the issue and come up with a remedy. I don’t know I he has walked his talk.

“U.P. & reputable universities recognize in annual foundation fetes their outstanding alumni in various fields. Why can’t MSU?”

I have floated similar prodding to the present and past leaderships of the Mindanao State University, my alma mater, and gained no reaction. Recognizing alumni for their feats in chosen professions could inspire prospective students and graduates of MSU to fare well.

“Moral leadership is possible. The late DPWH Director Mastor Ibrahim had done it. Dr. Anshari Ali is doing it. Why can’t we?”

Only God knows (Allahu alam). Only executives and policy-making officials in public service can make the advocacy either possible or impossible.

“The BARMM Chief Minister swore before the Qur’an to lead moral governance. Mufti Udasan concurred. Why can’t politicos replicate?”

Critics say swearing before the Qur’an is inappropriate because it may spill karma in the community. Islamic relics believe otherwise, and I agree with them. (AGM)

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