True vs Fake News are really confusing 

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

with Julmunir I. Jannaral

Unmindful of the efficacy of vaccines in this COVID-19 pandemic era, where some calls it as true and effective vaccine while others do not call it as fake, but they say it is not effective and have many adverse effects. 

I myself is too confused at this time which one is true news or which one is fake. My friends are asking me if I am

vaccinated already and I said not yet since I am still in the state of confusion. They said they are done with the 1st and 2nd doses.

Is there anyone who can attest that the vaccines are really safe and have no adverse effects, then I might change my mind and to have vaccination finally.

By the way thanks to the Almighty Allah that my younger brother Hann was able to survive the menace of C0VID-19 in Jolo. He was just released last week from the Sulu Sanitarium Hospital, a COVID19 facility in downtown Jolo.

In fact along with this 52nd Issue of the Philippine Muslim Today I have published his testimony, titled: “Testimony of a Survivor: I have survived COVID-19 in Jolo.”

He attested that COVID-19 is really a real pandemic that should not be taken for granted. Hence, with my own brother’s testimony this might convince my mind to finally accept the 1st and 2nd jabs of the vaccines and be inoculated too.

In other words, barring aside the confusion I should think twice that vaccines are a must for all of us. But can a health expert explain to me too that those published at Facebook are really fake news that one should not believe since those are fake news after all do not merit serious attention.

Well so much with true and fake news about vaccines, there is now a controversy going on about the legitimate and fake Sultan of Sulu.

His Majesty Sultan Muedzu-Lail Tan Kiram of the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo (Sabah) felt aggrieved of the denial or infringement of his legal rights that someone is in town and parading himself as the only legitimate Sultan of Sulu in the Philippines.

In fact anyone who would like to get a comprehensive narrative about this controversy may also read the banner headline of the Vol. 1, No. 52 Issue authored by this Columnist.

At this point, may I introduce to our readers the guy named Paijal Alastam bin Naim who is introducing himself as the legitimate Sultan of Sulu with the name of Mudarasulail Alastam Kiram from Sabah. He claimed to be one of the sons of the late Sultan Mahakuttah Abdulla Kiram. Therefore, he is a brother of the legitimate Sultan Muedzu-Lail Tan Kiram, which the latter vehemently denied. But instead labeled Mudarasulail A. Kiram as a fake Sultan and is not even of Royal Blood.

Then this Columnist learned that this fake Sultan has tentacles everywhere already. Just imagine even big news outfits like the CNN and PIA (Philippine Information Agency) have started to believe the lies and deceptions that he peddled in town who believed in him hook line and sinker of his legitimacy as Sultan of Sulu.

To cut the story short, Sultan Muedzu-Lail has called upon NBI Director Eric B. Distor to organize an NBI arresting team in order to conduct a full dressed investigation on the suspect; coordinate with the National Statistician and 

Head of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Lisa Grace S. Bersales to declare the Birth Certificate of Paijal Alastam Naim whose late birth registration was entered as  Mudarasulail Alastam Naim to declare it void ab initio; and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr. to cancel the Passport issued to the fake Sultan under the name of Mudarasulail Alastam Kiram because it was secured by virtue of the spurious supporting documents. Hence, it is also void ab initio. 

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