Life as a Reality


By Gamson Jr Mawallil Quijano

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of posts about the demise of certain individuals whom some of them I knew personally. 

Death is inevitable no matter who you are and wherever you may be. 

How many people who were once powerful and wealthy in this world have already perished?

Maybe sooner or later, we will be the next to be posted by our family and loved ones. 

Let’s be prepared to return to the place where we truly belong because whether we are ready or not, we will surely return to Allāh anytime from now. 

To those who have died before us, Innā Lillāhi wa Innā Ilayhi Rāji’un, let’s continue to fervently supplicate for them. 

May Allāh purify all of their sins, illuminate and widen their graves and may they have a rightful place in Jannah, aamin.

If I could just plead to Allāh that you and I won’t be separated from this world, I would surely do it 

But this is impossible because even this world and its contents will eventually perish; Verily we belong to Allāh, and verily to Him we all shall return

You are my most precious gems in this world that I could ever have and I am forever grateful to Him for having you even just for an ample of time

Do you know the thing that makes me feel better? To realize that even we will be apart, we both shall return to our Rabb, the Al Wadud, the Ever-Loving

Now, what would I endlessly implore Him? Is to unite us once again in the hereafter forevermore, just how He unites us temporarily in this world.


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