Blessing of Ramadhan: Lailat Al-Qadr or the Night of Decree


One of the features of our religion is that there’s always new wisdom every time it is discussed in many different media until “the whole sea gets exhausted if it were inks (and so the rest of the seas) before Allah’s words are finished.” It’s precisely because of a miracle from Allah that humbled the intelligence of the entire human-being. (1)

Back to the prehistoric times to the birth of our beloved Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) that shed light on the universe, we can find there were authenticated accounts with regard to some Awliyaah or Awliyaol’Allah (devoted people) who dedicated themselves to just please Allah by performing several religious practices or Iba’da’t continously within hundred years like optional fasting, performing non-obligatory prayers the whole nights, or even numerous fighting in the name of Allah, and so on. 

Compared to the average human lifespan of prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) nations, which is between 60 and 70 years, we were so far, too small for those before us in terms of their sacrifices for the sake of the Almighty up to the revelation of Surah Al-Qadr or the Decree, informing Him and us that whatever good deeds we have done during this exceptional night are better and more rewarding than those done in one-thousand months (83 yrs.) without it – Lailat Al-Qadr. Allah has said: “Verily, We have sent it down in the Night of Al-Qadr. 2. And what will make you know what the Night of Al-Qadr is 3. The Night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months. 4.” (2)

Should we ponder the countless blessings and mercies of Allah towards us, we can undoubtedly find it’s out of our mathematical capabilities as he has granted us one-night that can cover our entire life being given every Ramadhan, while one mistake committed is counted once only, and what is more is that if someone had intention to do unlawful but didn’t commit it somehow, it will be recorded for him as one hasanah or good deed. In Hadeeth, the Prophet narrating about his Lord I’m and said, “Allah ordered (the appointed angels over you) that the good and the bad deeds be written, and He then showed (the way) how (to write). If somebody intends to do a good deed and he does not do it, then Allah will write for him a full good deed (in his account with Him); and if he intends to do a good deed and actually did it, then Allah will write for him (in his account) with Him (its reward equal) from ten to seven hundred times to many more times: and if somebody intended to do a bad deed and he does not do it, then Allah will write a full good deed (in his account) with Him, and if he intended to do it (a bad deed) and actually did it, then Allah will write one bad deed (in his account). (3)

Alhamdulillah, we are already in the last ten remaining days of the holy month of Ramadhan, wherein Lailat Al-Qadr or Night of decree is ordained for in between. Therefore, we will discuss it and its features briefly according to some Arabic Islamic books:

What is Lailat Al-Qadr?

It’s one of the nights of the last 10 remaining days of Ramadhan or Al-Ashr Al-Awa’khir, which is not limited or fixed on specific nights, and it has been transferring from one night to another every Ramadhan from the sunset to the emergence of dawn. This blessing was not given to any other nations since the creation of the world but to the Ummah of the Prophet Mohammed only (PBUH). 

Some signs of Lailat Al-Qadr

The sun rises quietly and the night is moderately felt – it will be sensed as perfect night, so every Muslim blessed with this finds no amout of inactivity nor dullness in giving all his efforts to keep the most expensive night alive by performing various worships: Reading Qur’an, and Qiyamu Al-layl that fills our hearts with deep attachment to our Creator. 

Revelation of Laital Al-Qadr (Possible time)

The prophet Mohammed (PBUH) has said: “Search for Laylatul-Qadr in the last ten odd days of Ramadhan” (4) meaning it might be 21st, 23rd, 25th, 27th, & 29th night; and the most popular among Muslim scholars is on the 27th night. However, it might be in any day of the last 10 remaining nights, but in the whole nights of Ramadhan to be perfectly pictured in every Muslim’s mind. 

Prophetic supplication during Lailat Al-Qadr

Aisha bint Abi Bakr, one of Prophet’s wives (May Allah please with her) asked: “O Messenger of Allah! If I realize Lailat-ul-Qadr (Night of Decree), what should I supplicate in it?” He (ﷺ) replied, “You should supplicate: اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فاعفُ عني Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun, tuhibbul-‘afwa, fa’fu ‘anni (O Allah, You are Most Forgiving, and You love forgiveness; so forgive me). (5)

Wisdom of concealment:

If Allah had made it known its specific time  to all us, the exaltation and magnificence of Allah remains the same, nothing less. But as we all know that every expensive stuff carries a hefty price tag – no doubts; all licensure exams meant for a specific profession greatly demands one’s precious time and relentless sacrifices on  psychological and financial aspects alike, because the fruits awaits are more worth-it not just for one’s self but for his family and for the people he will serve. If this deserves sacrifices, so the Lailat Al-Qadr more.O Allah, You are Most Forgiving, and You love forgiveness; so forgive me

Lastly, this Ramadhan is considered as month of forgiveness, and so it’s necessary to reflect on ourselves how many relatives, or friends we have ignored and stopped to deal with for a long time simply because we believe that is the best thing to do that started with a small issue, but we have allowed Satan, our real enemy to inflame it until he was able to take us further to the lever where we think sometimes of harming them hypothetically. My brother, if you can’t talk to them before Ramadhan ends, try to look for a space in your heart that can accommodate them there, and this will be the best of fastings you will feel in return, a real game-changer. 

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