‘Islamic Relief’ distributes Ramadan packs to the needy in Lanao town

By Masiding Noor Yahya


A faith-inspired international humanitarian and development organization has recently distributed Ramadan packs to the needy Muslims in Lanao del Sur municipality of Ditsaan Ramain.

In a statement, the Islamic Relief said it has on Monday provided halal-certified food packs to at least 2,312 households in 23 barangays of the municipality for the purpose of augmenting food security this Ramadan.

This includes 20 kilos of rice, oil, mung bean, native coffee, sugar, sardines, and corned beef, the statement added.

Since 2017, at least 13,700 households throughout BARMM have benefitted from food packs distributed by Islamic Relief during Ramadan which were donated by Islamic Relief Worldwide and Maybank / Islamic Relief Malaysia, among others.

Beneficiaries were selected based on the following criteria: income of PhP 5,000 and below, women-headed households, lactating mothers, pregnant, those with children aged 5 and below, with person with disability/senior citizen member in the household, no or difficult accessibility to the market.

Islamic Relief’s Ramadan program aims to augment food security of poor and vulnerable household members especially those in areas affected/prone to natural disasters and conflict.

The household (HH) allocations by their donors are as follows:

1. Maybank/Islamic Relief Malaysia – 275 HHs in 2 barangays, namely, Barimbingan – 113 HHs; Gadongan – 162 HHs.

2. Islamic Relief Worldwide – 2,037 HHs in 21 barangays, namely, Pagalongan Proper – 167 HHs, Pagalongan Guinaopan – 121 HHs, Buayaan Raya – 92 HHs, Buayaan Lilod – 142 HHs, Linamon – 141 HHs, Polo – 173 HHs, Buadi Oloc – 50 HHs, Buadi Alao – 95 HHs; Darimbang – 30 HHs, Dilausan – 69 HHs, Rantian – 167 HHs, Bagoainged – 182 HHs. PR


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