European Union lauds MinDA development programs

By Manny F. Piñol,  Ph.D.

EU vows support for MinDA. Photo of the webinar between MinDA and EU officials on Monday. (Photo supplied)

The European Union Delegation to the Philippines has lauded and pledged support for the Mindanao Development Authority’s programs on Productivity, Poverty, Peace and Economic Recovery describing the interventions as “strategic and focused.”

During a virtual conference on Monday, the new Ambassador of the EU Delegation to the Philippines, Luc Veron, described MinDA’s programs on PPPE as the Four Pillars of Mindanao’s development.

He said the focus of MinDA’s interventions and programs is consistent with the thrust and direction of the EU Delegation’s development assistance to the country, especially in Mindanao.

Ambassador Veron, who was joined during the virtual conference by Xavier Canton and Christoph Wagner, expressed keen interest in MinDA’s interventions in the Bangsamoro Region.

MinDA Undersecretary Janet Lopoz and Asst. Sec. Romeo Montenegro who joined the MinDA panel in the virtual meeting also briefed Ambassador Veron on the progress of the EU-funded projects in Mindanao, especially the Renewable Energy for Tawitawi Seaweeds production which is being implemented by UNIDO.

Ambassador Veron also pledged to fastback the implementation of the MINPAD RISE Program which is being funded by the EU and will be implemented in coordination with MinDA.

Among the projects proposed by MinDA to be included in the MINPAD RISE Program are:

1. The Mindanao Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Program which aims to establish Fish Centers equipped with post-harvest facilities like ice making machines in at least 26 fishing communities of Mindanao;

2. The Mindanao Corn Grains Silo Storage System which will be established in at least 6 major corn production areas of Mindanao to ensure sustainable grains supply to support the poultry and livestock industry;

3. The Strategic Area Development Approach which identifies key production areas which will be provided with support like Bukidnon’s IMMATASULA vegetable production area;

4. The Cattle Industry Development Program which aims to boost cattle production in Mindanao, especially in the Bangsamoro Region to address poverty in the rural areas and boost the country’s food sufficiency program.

Ambassador Veron said the EU Delegation will fastback the implementation of the MINPAD RISE Program to support MinDA’s PPPE initiatives. MFP

Secretary Manny F. Piñol is the chairman of MIndanao Development Authority (MinDA)

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