Sulu political giants finally find the elusive peace, resolve feud

By Julmunir I. Jannaral

SHAKE AND HUG: Rep. Munir M. Arbison (blue T-Shirt at left) cordially welcomes Sulu Gov. Abdusakur M. Tan (White T-Shirt) upon the arrival of the latter at the pier of  Tanduh Batu, Luuk, Sulu for their Grand Reunion and Amicable Settlement dubbed as friendship, stronger ties, and together as one Tausug  Family. (Contributed Photo)


Two of the known Sulu “political giants” have finally made an amicable settlement and settled their decades of misunderstanding due to political and personal differences and at last found the elusive peace that every Tausug has been longing for quite so long.

Sulu Governor Abdusakur M. Tan, as a sign of his utmost sincerity to have a lasting peace for the entire province of Sulu personally went to the hometown of his most adverse political rival for decades Sulu 2nd District Representative Munir M. Arbison where for the sake of tranquility and harmony lowered his pride to bring back the elusive peace to all his Tausug constituents in Sulu.

TOGETHER AS ONE TAUSUG FAMILY: The Arbisons and Tans are now United as One Tausug Family. Sitting from left: Rep. Munir M. Arbison of the 2nd Congressional District of Sulu; Vice Gov. Toto A. Tan; former Congresswoman Maryam Arbison, the wife of Rep. Arbison; former Sulu Vice Gov. Nurunisah Abubakar-Tan; and at extreme right is Gov. Abdusakur M. Tan. Looking on are their relatives who are happy to witness the reunion of Sulu’s political leaders who have been estranged from one another for decades. (Contributed Photo)

Journey of a Man of Peace

In his journey for peace, Gov. Tan tagged along some members of his immediate family if only to show to the world that he is indeed a peacemaker and a true political leader serving as guiding light of all his people in Sulu in order to bring the message to them he is indeed a “Man of Peace and Not a Man of War.” Thus he brought along with him his amiable and lovely wife the former Sulu Vice Gov. Nurunisah Abubakar Tan; his approachable and man of the masses eldest son, Vice  Governor Toto Tan. 

As living testimony and witness to his historical meeting with the  honorable legislator and kingpin of the 2nd Congressional District of Sulu, Congressman Arbison, Gov. Tan was also accompanied by some of the Municipal Local Chief Executives, Board Members, Vice Mayors and other local officials in his visit to Rep. Arbison and his wife, former representative of Sulu 2nd District Maryam Arbison and family at their Rest House in Tanduh Bato, Luuk , Sulu.

Luuk has shown significant progress and improved accessbilty via  its infrastructure projects.  Upon entering the municipality, noticeable are the solar street lights installed along the middle Island stretch of its wide and paved main thoroughfare.

Another is the on-going construction of  the Luuk Airport, It is a fact that you cannot miss the tangible infrastructure projects even if you are  moving at 80 km/hour, just beside the Ministry of Public Works (MPW), BARMM Building.

Congressman Arbison, his family, and Luuk officials cordially greeted  Governor Tan and his party upon arriving at the municipality’s premises.

Creation of Provincial Tourism Council.

Governor Tan told officials in the gathering his plans for the creation of a Provincial Tourism Council. He is optimistic that in the process,  Tourism in the near future, would be a game changer in the progress and development of Sulu. 

“We have to make sure and prepare the necessary,  when the proper time comes, we are ready.” Tan said

It was also during the conversation that Cong. Arbison revealed a  plan of connecting the Island of Tulayan to the mainland via causeway starting in Kanhadili.

Friendship, stronger ties, and together as one Tausug  Family was the theme in the  afternoon’s gathering.

The fact that everyone is connected by blood or affinity in someway made it all more profound and a grand reunion as observed by many of the constituents of the two political leaders who were formerly at odds.

Be that as it may, Nahdin Jubaira, who is among the closest capitol employees to Governor Tan has this to say upon seeing the pictures of Tan and Arbison who showed not only a hug of friendship but just like bosom brothers who have been estranged for so long.

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

“If pictures paint a thousand words, these images denote more than it depict. In this time of the pandemic, the people should not be burdened further with anxieties that are politically-based. Just looking at these images of political giants, Governor Abdusakur M. Tan and 2nd District Congressman Munir M.  Arbison together, sitting down and talking, are reassuring, and that all will be well for Sulu even amidst the pandemic. In Shaa Allah. Thank you Sirs!,“ Jubaira jubilantly exclaimed.

SPDA Administrator/CEO Nice Observations on the Amicable Settlement

On the other hand, Abdulghani “Gerry” Salapuddin, the administrator and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Southern Philippines Development Authority (SPDA) based in Davao City has also some nice observations on the amicable settlement of Gov. Tan and Congressman Arbison.

Salapuddin who was the former governor of Basilan Province, and at the same also the former House Deputy Speaker for Mindanao and Representative of the Lone District of Basilan, said “this is what I can say on the reinstatement of friendship between Gov. Abdusakur M. Tan and Deputy Speaker and Representative of the 2nd District of Sulu Munir M. Arbison. 

I congratulate both leaders in their openness and realization to break the barrier of estrangement due to their contrasting political agenda.

As Muslims, our leaders must not allow themselves to be devoured by the evil designs of politics. Instead of power controlling them, they must rein on power and use it to promote good governance, brotherhood, friendship and the socio-economic upliftment of their people. They must not forget that wealth and power are trusts from Allah SWT. Between two feuding Muslims, whoever makes the first to move restore trust and friendship will be given more blessings by Allah. For all Muslims are brothers unto each other,” Salapuddin said.

Tan who is also known as Datu Shahbandar in the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo under the legitimate leadership of His Majesty, Sultan Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram, has a brand of leadership that can bring enduring peace, development, and lasting unity of the people of Sulu.

“I wish their leadership together can bring enduring peace and development, the unity of their people, with the end in view of restoring the glory and majesty of the Sultanate of Sulu,” the SPDA administrator/CEO further said. JIJ


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