Marine Brigade facilitates settlement of a South Ubian clan war in Tawi-Tawi


CAMP NAVARRO, Calarian, Zamboanga City

The Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi facilitated the settlement of a bloody clan war in Tawi-Tawi last Monday.

Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr., commander of Western Mindanao Command (WestMinCom) in a statement on Tuesday said a clan war that had been going for years in the province of Tawi-Tawi was finally settled with the help of the AFP’s 2nd Marine Brigade and the local government officials. 

Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. further said that the feuding families belong to the Erwing and Omar clans who had been involved in a misunderstanding sometime in 2013 which resulted in unwanted encounters against each other and the untimely death of Bolar Hadji Omar.

After a series of negotiations spearheaded by Tawi-Tawi Governor Yshmael Sali and with the efforts of former Sourh Ubian Mayor Mustapha Omar and the Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi, the warring clans finally ended and settled their dispute. 

During the signing of the Deed of Agreement, Almasi Inggo Erwing, of legal age and a resident of Lahad Dampong, South Ubian, Tawi-Tawi represented the first party while Mabini Hadji Omar and Sangkula Hadji Omar, of legal age and a resident of Naungan, Tandubas, Tawi-Tawi represented the second party.

They signed the agreement in the presence of Governor Sali, other local government officials, police and military officers, and local leaders and elders.

“This settlement exemplifies that life is always better if we see what’s ahead than look at what’s left behind. It is more rewarding to forget the bad pasts – bitterness, grudges, hatred, and pain; and move forward to enjoy another beautiful morning,” said Brig. Gen. Arturo Rojas, Commander of the Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi. 

“Our life here on earth is a blessing so we must share this wonderful gift by loving and forgiving one another,” Brig. Gen. Rojas added.

Both parties pledged to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the Deed of Agreement. 

“We are happy that they finally decided to live peacefully as Muslim brothers and sisters. They made a great decision not only for themselves but for their younger generations,” said Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr.

“Rest assured that the Team WestMinCom will always be ready to mediate and facilitate settlement of clan wars to ensure peace and security in the region,” Lt. Gen. Vinluan, Jr. added. JIJ


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