Pastil, a Maguindanao delicacy

Bangsamoro Halal Dish

With Maria Fhebie Ortil

Pastil is naturally a halal Maguindanaon food made of rice topped with grilled chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaves which costs P10 or P15.

Pastil is usually being sold in most of the restaurants in Maguindanao province and Cotabato City.

It is also being sold in some restaurants in Taguig and in Islamic Center in Quiapo, Manila.

On the other hand, the Pastil version of Maranao is known as Pater. 

Pater is made of rice (usually yellow rice) topped with a tasty dish – could be beef, chicken or fish. These three flavors don’t come together, they are served separately such as randang (beef or chicken randang), and fish with yellow coconut meat.  It is then wrapped around using banana leaves to maintain its freshness and to avoid exposure to foreign elements.

A Maranao food is always spicy; without chili or other spices, for them, it tastes incomplete and it`s not appetizing. The best spicy add-ons on your viand are the “palapa” – a mixture of onion, garlic, chili and other spices that makes the whole food taste even more mouth-watering. 

The Ingredients:

1) Onion
2) Garlic
3) Black Pepper
4) Banana Leaves
5) Salt
6) Breast parts of the Chicken


1) Cook the chicken in a pot with a boiling water. Then remove from the boiling water.
2) Add Salt
3) Cook for 10 minutes.

Prepare the other Ingredients:

1) Crush the garlic and then chop it to small pieces.
2) Afterwards, chop the onion.
3) Then shred the chicken.
4) Later cook again the chicken in a pan and add cooking oil.
5) Then place the minced garlic into the pan by adding too the chopped onion.
6) Add the shredded chicken into the pan.
7) Pour the soy sauce into the pan with the shredded chicken.
8) Cover the pan at least 10 minutes in order to cook it properly.
9) Then add the ground black pepper.
10) Heat the banana leaves that is used to wrap the Pastil finished product.
11) Now it is ready to wrap the Pastil by placing 1 cup of rice.
12) Add the chicken Pastil on top of the rice using spoon to spread it evenly on top of the rice.
13) And then start the wrapping using the banana leaves.
14) This is all done and it is now ready to be served especially to your guests.

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