Veni, vidi, vici for Donald Trump

Batanes to Tawi-Tawi

Julmunir I. Jannaral

Yes it is a Veni, vidi, vici for former US President Donald Trump, which is a Classical Latin that means: “I came; I saw; I conquered.” It is a Latin phrase used to refer to a swift conclusive victory.

Just a moment of respite, the Batanes To Tawi-Tawi found the fall story of the former US President Trump as interesting also to dwell with after we discussed the Philippine setting especially on the controversies about the procurement of Coronavirus Vaccines.

Hence, we are now discussing the “Trumpvirus” as what US netizens aptly said.

On January 20, 2021, Trump did not wait anymore for the inaugural ceremony of his successor President Joe Biden and immediately boarded the Air Force One as his “Last Plane Out” for Florida. In fact in his farewell address he did not even mention the name of President Joe Biden. He only said “my successor.”

A lot of US netizens made varied comments on the hasty departure of Trump.

Apparently, a die-hard Trump supporter and a netizen named Priye Okpokire, apparently of a Greek ancestry had this to say, “He came, he saw and he conquered.” The deep state saw someone deeper. Okpokire in defense of Trump and said, “He lost gallantly. He did it for love of family. He went home and mission accomplished. We love our President (Trump).”

However, an anti-Trump netizen had this to say: “He is not worthy to be on Air Force One. That could be his last time on that plane.”

Another netizen also said, “Trumpvirus that is your last free ride at taxpayers expense. Next ride to the Court House will be at your own expense.” Then another said, “what a relief to see him depart the flying fortress (Air Force One).”

Seeing the relatives and close allies of the ex-President disembarked from the presidential plane and fetched by a fleet of U.S. government limousines, a netizen named Bruce M. Marshall had this to say, “all those vehicles, a waste of taxpayers money. They should have hired a bus instead.”

It is pathetic to see former US President Trump and no supporters were at the airport to welcome him back home in Florida except for a handful of US Secret Service.

In contrast his US Vice President Mike Pence who landed on-board Air Force Two at Indiana Airport was met by several supporters and they have a short program “Back Home Again” at the tarmac.

A certain Indiana resident that sounds like a Filipino by the name of Daniel Olivares said about former VP Pence, “ He was a Great Vice President of this wonderful country.”

Another US netizen name Brian Halton said “Imagine a Trump presidency without Pence. Pence provided stability when our country needed it most!”

Another inspiring words came from a US Citizen named A-yen Gallogo who said, “You gained the respect of the American people. You are a great man, a great leader and an epitome of a true American.”

Finally in his brief message former US Vice President Mike Pence thanked all his supporters who met him on his arrival at Indiana Airport and elsewhere, “there is no place like home. And nice to be Back Home Again!”

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