Lanao Del Sur is now becoming halal tourism destination

Abdul Hannan
Magarang Tago

Tourism industry is one of the major source of income for any country in the world. It creates thousdans of job opportunities and boost the local products sales. Tugaya artifacts for instance are United Nations (UN) recognized products.

In fact, the annual pilgrim or hajj to the two Holy land in Saudi Arabia is a pillar of Islam that reflects religious journey bringing million of Muslims across the world to various historical sites in the Holy land.

Recently, Saudi Arabia allowing its guests, after performing Umrah or Haj to visit other parts of the country to boost further its tourism Industry as non-oil source of its economic diversity.

The rich-oil counties in Gulf are also among top nationals in tourism expenditures looking for a new halal tourist destination.

Lanao Del Sur with its clean second largest lake in the country, its falls and the friendly climate is now emerging attraction while modern facilities are now being established in various municipalities including newly built resorts hotels in Wato Balindong and many others.

In Marawi City, as the center point of the government development, it has to response to the needs of its visitors or the localities and it should be up to the expectations of the visitors.

Philippines Muslim Today was invited this week to a farm located at the height between the city and Mindanao State University (MSU) that over looks the beautiful lake Lanao.

That’s the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement (OISCA) Which refers to the promotion of agriculture and other primary industries that are fundamental to human existence.

It also denotes nurturing qualities such as dedication for one’s own community, international brotherhood- sisterhood, and respect to the earth’s ecological integrity on which life came into being.

OISCA represents the intent to encourage the magnificent cultural diversity that has enriched human life and the universal need to sustain traditional values.

According to its General Manager Abdulsalam S. Bato, OISCA started its humble beginnings way back in 1987 with the establishment of the muslim agricultural training center by virtue of MSU Board of Regents Resolution No. 175, series of 1987. A memorandum of agreement was signed by Organization for industrial, spiritual and cultural advancement (OISCA)- Philippines, Mindanao State University (MSU), The provincial Government of lanao del sur and the office for Development Management office of the President.

The farm as tourists spot will be officially open to the public next month while passersby can take photos and enjoy the atmosphere. AHMT

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