MSU-GenSan upgrading campus security, punctuality

 By Ali G. Macabalang

Ali G. Macabalang, Philippine Muslim Today News Editor & Bureau Chief for BARMM and Central Mindanao with Chancellor Dr. Anshari Ali in an interview.


Buoyed by strings of local and foreign citations characterizing its operations in last two years, the Mindanao State University-General Santos (MSU-GenSan) satellite unit here is girding to sustain the momentum this year and embarking even on setting records anew in both academic and administrative operations.

Sample of five face-detecting gadgets purchased by MSU-GenSan to improve workers’ punctuality.

Foremost of its agenda for 2021 is the use of drones for 24/7 security surveillance inside the MSU-GenSan campuses here and the adoption for face-recognizing gadgets to improve workers punctuality, proponent officials said.

Five units of face-detecting devices were already purchased last week and being installed in five busy offices of the satellite campus, Lorraine D. Sarigala, MSU-GenSan audit office head, told the Philippine Muslim Today Wednesday.

She said their bids and awards committee (BAC) has started the bidding for the purchase of a drone to upscale 24/7 campus security service.

“Harnessing new technologies is a salient segment of our collective drive to make MSU-GenSan globally competitive in the real sense as pledged by our present leadership,” Sarigala said, referring to Campus Chancellor Anshari P. Ali.

She averred: “Dr. Ali is pursuing not only moral governance but also a truly competitive academic unit. He thinks and moves always ahead in

Dr. Ali was installed to office as MSU-GenSan chancellor on April 8, 2019 in grand investiture ceremony here, during which he vowed an innovative leadership to link up with counterparts in the international community, make the field campus at par with high standard universities world-wide, and carve a prominent spot in the global education map for the MSU system, according to published narratives.

In an exclusive interview here last Dec. 8, the 57-year old Ali narrated some challenges and achievements of his less than two-year regime, ranging from rehabilitation of dormitories’ toilets and other administrative structures to complex academic operation and modernization.

Students’ welfare   

Improving facilities for human welfare is a basic Islamic philosophy exemplified by Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) in building good toilets before constructing a mosque, said Dr. Ali, who is also an Islamic scholar.

“There can be no university without students. Students’ comfortable environment reflects the quality of any school,” he pointed out.

Academic and administrative thrusts  

Dr. Ali recalled that upon his appointment as campus chancellor, he had also embarked on improving the plight of campus workers by filling up all available position-items for qualified aspirants, proving faculty members to study grants for post-graduate degrees in and outside the country, giving all monetary incentives appropriate for all of the campus academic and administrative units.

In corroboration, Sarigala said all monetary perks including the service rendered incentives (SRIs) for all employees in MSU-GenSan for 2020 have been released, citing reports that the university main campus and other satellite units were still sourcing out funds to pay SRIs of their respective personnel.

“Improving the welfare of campus workforce as well is a requisite for successful academic operations,” Ali said.

Ali cited the recent approval by the MSU Board of regents of his proposal for the elevation of teachers’ positions in the high school department of the satellite campus to collegiate or professorial level, pointing out that such move would not only upgrade in many folds the beneficiaries’ salaries but also boost further their moral to “do their best” in making MSU-GenSan an exemplary academic institution.

Administratively speaking, Ali said, he has been seeing to it that “every penny entrusted to us will be spent for the purpose.

“I am trying my best to demonstrate in actions my advocacies for moral governance. I am doing it as my sworn-duty in public service and in my covenant with our Almighty Creator,” he said.

Dr. Ali was set to present his administration’s challenges, gains and aspiration in a live interview today, Jan. 6, over DWIZ. Ali G. Macabalang

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