In Tawi-Tawi, Sports Matters

By Johnny R. Lee

In the Province of Tawi-Tawi, sports matters to its people especially to the youth sectors. 

The long history of volleyball as the most popular sports in the area has made a tremendous impact to its people which this writer had made mentioned in his previous sports write-ups that runs in five successive issues of this paper. 

Whilst many readers may find it sometimes ‘dreary and dull’, this writer would like to open up the many beneficial advantages that the sport of volleyball has brought to every able-bodied citizen of the community.

For many people, sport is taken for granted. It’s something that exists in the background but isn’t considered particularly valuable. Maybe it’s seen as a bit of fun on the weekend but ultimately, not all that important. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Sport matters and the importance of sports need to be widely discussed. Without it, says many sports buffs and aficionados, many aspects of modern society will crumble. 

In sports, are the so-called the ‘intangibles’ that ordinary people cannot see and feel because they happen on a daily basis. However, these ‘intangibles’ are translated to the following: a.) It unites the people in the community especially the youngsters by promoting a sense of camaraderie, closeness, and the spirit of friendly relationships; b.) Encourages active and healthy physical bodies; and

c.) Deter and prevent the youth from the lure of dangerous drugs and addiction which have become a menace in today’s society.

With respect to the Tawi-Tawi youngsters, then and now, sports specifically in volleyball, has done so many benefits and this includes: a.) Free schooling from high to collegiate levels; b.) Opportunities to travel and see what’s on the other and farther side of their province – via attendance in regional and national competitions; and c.) A greater chance to be absolved and gainfully employed in many government institutions and schools including the Armed Forces of the Philippines who are in dire needs of Physical Education teachers, coaches, trainers and technical officials. 

To sum it all, from health and happiness to education and society, sport indeed matters! Promoting sports, inspiring young athletes, and increasing healthy competition will help individuals and communities to flourish. (JOHNNY R. LEE)

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