Daral, another Tausog delicacy

“The Best of Home-Cooked Halal Tausug-Filipino Dishes“

With Maria Fhebie Ortil

After 25 Weeks in circulation on Digital Online Edition, we have finally reached the Vol. 1 No. 25 Issue of Philippine Muslim Today despite the Pandemic where we share to our readers well selected and edited news Stories FREE of Charge.

All of us the columnists, reporters, and correspondents do our job gratis where we don’t receive any remunerations or payments and sometimes having sleepless nights if only to give our readers the chance to read free reading material every Friday morning for a one week period.

Here in this Column we would like to tackle another Tausug delicacy featured in The Best of Halal Home-Cooked Muslim Filipino Dishes, a coffee table book written by a Tausug Chef Abdulaziz H. Hamsain, where for this 25th Issue we will discuss in detail how to prepare or cook the delicacy from Sulu known as Daral.

Daral just like the preceding delicacy the “Pitis Patani” we featured in the 24th Issue of this Digital Online Edition has the Hinti as the main ingredient. Hinti as we previously discussed is mainly made of grated coconut mixed with brown sugar.

Cooked Daral, a Tausug delicacy featured in the coffee table cook book written by a Tausug Chef Abdulaziz H. Hamsain. (Photo by Abdulaziz H. Hamsain)

As you can read the ingredients below, these can be easily sourced out.

On the other hand, the procedure of making Daral is self-explanatory and can be easily followed and does not need a real expert in cooking.

Once the Daral is cooked it is best served during the morning breakfast or at merienda or snack time in the afternoon with hot brewed coffee and hot tea mixed with lemon.


For the Hinti’

-½ kilo grated coconut
-2 tbsp flour
-½ kilo sugar (brown)

For the wrap
-2 cups of flour
-1 egg


Mixture for the wrap

  1. Mix 2 cups of flour and egg
  2. Then add water

For the Hinti’

  1. In a cooking pot (medium heat), add 1 cup of water then add the sugar
  2. Mix till the sugar dissolves
  3. Add the grated coconut
  4. Sprinkle flour on hinti’, mix well until it dries

To form the wrap

  1. Fry the mixture for the wrap in a flat frying pan, form a thin circular shape (depending on desire)
  2. Allow the wrap to cook but not overcooked
  3. Place the cooked wrap in a flat surface, add the Hinti’ in the middle, then roll accordingly

*Best served during merienda or snacks.

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