The Role of Coaches and Trainers in Sports Development in Tawi-Tawi

By Johnny R. Lee

Tawi-Tawi’s prominent role as regional volleyball power in Mindanao is anchored on structural elements that consist of the following: a.) Wide selection of local raw talents; b.) Sports-leaning administrators of concerned government agencies and host academic institutions; and c.) The quality of coaches and trainers handling the teams. 

The latter (coaches and trainers) are the most pivotal element/s that propel Tawi-Tawi’s supremacy over other volleyball sports associations in the region. They are the so-called ‘frontliners’ that make things happen on the ground and on their shoulders lay the success of the team.

At the core of this structural elements is one particular sportsman named Prof. Edward Lee. He is credited to be responsible for taking home numerous victories and strings of successes both for MSU Tawi-Tawi and the province. 

Prof. Lee is the current Sports Director of said premiere university. Aside from being the head of the sports department, he actively and personally involved as coach-cum-trainer of MSU volleyball varsity teams. His players dubbed him as a ‘great motivator and a source of inspiration’ to his underlings both past and present.

 Prof. Lee joined MSU as a faculty member fresh from his stint as top volleyball player of Southwestern University of Cebu City. His alma mater ruled the Visayas region in men’s volleyball during his varsity years. His experiences include international exposures playing with teams from Southeast Asian countries.

According to Prof. Lee, a player must not only possess the athletic ability but should be complemented with having a high I.Q. or intelligent quotient. ‘In a very stiff and competitive sport, given all things equal, the one with the superior brains will most likely prevail’, he said. Prof. Lee graduated at the top of his class from MSU Preparatory High school in 1974. He is a certified Masters in Public Administration graduate and a holder of doctoral degree in Educational Administration.

Prof. Lee is credited for moulding top volleyball players of the province who made names in the national arena.

(To be continued in the next issue: ‘Remarkable Tawi-Tawi Sportsmen in the National Limelight’).

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