Moral Governance cannot be achieved overnight

Moral Governance,” the slogan adopted as platform of governance by top echelons of the Bangsamoro autonomous government is a lifetime mission. It cannot be achieved overnight. And it is too early to accuse BARMM interim government of wrongdoings and or having achieved less.. Three years is not really enough to heal all wounds and change to alleviate peace and order and well-being of the Bangsamoro people.

We do not know what made BARMM bigwigs adopt such a slogan knowing that it will take them lifetime or beyond before it could be realized, especially, when there may be some of those who compose the Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) that others have doubted to fit in implementing moral governance.

While there are expert members with education, experiences and integrity of the BTA, there are also others who sit there as flower-bases. They may be of the few but it would have been for the best interest of the Bangsamoro people, in particular, and the Filipino Nation, in general, if the more competent sat there instead.

This dubious few should not have been appointed to sit there to enact laws that will govern the Bangsamoro people who have suffered for so long the scourge of war, poverty, injustices and corruptions and in their fight for self-determination and freedom. Not only have they no idea on how to enact laws, they don’t also possess moral ascendancy. And this is the most probable reason why the BTA is slowly moving, complacently..

The situation might be one reason why those who are opposing the extension of the BTA term for another three years want BARMM elections to push through in May 2022. To them, three years for those with dubious personality still sitting in the BTA will not improve the regional government and may affect the expected performance of those who are better off among them.

As one lawyer said, “One code for every 2 years is a travesty of our people’s will who have suffered the scourge of war, decades of poverty and widescale disenfranchisement of BARMM voters.” The BTA has only passed the Administrative Code approved just lately after over a year of taking over the reins of power in the autonomous region, he said.

Of course, the lawyer was figuratively sarcastic. The Bangsamoro official website reveals the BTA has approved 12 or 13 bills which include Acts adopting the BARMM’s official flag and official emblem, Bangsamoro Appropriations Act (BAA) 2020, Bangsamoro Socio-Economic Development Act of 2019, Bangsamoro Hymn Act of 2020, Recruitment Agency Regulation Act of 2020, Act Defining the Power of Appointment in BARMM, and creations of the Bangsamoro Attorney General’s Office (BAGO), Bangsamoro Women’s Commission (BWC), Bangsamoro Human Rights Commission (BHRC), Bangsamoro Youth Commission (BYC), and Bangsamoro Sports Commission (BSC).

But the truth is passing and approving these bills cannot guarantee the realization of the so-called “Moral Governance.” And if we may, we wish to suggest that the BTA should review and assess their members. If they find incompetent or non-performing members of parliament, they should find subtle ways for their immediate termination. PMT

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