New Lanao Sur-I Focal Person commends colleagues for contributing in modules production



The new focal person of the Division of Lanao del Sur-I has expressed her commendation to her fellow workers, saying, “This Division commends all the teachers who have been doing their best to give a better future to our children.”

Mombao B. Abdul, Focal Person of the Division of Lanao del Sur I, Bangsamoro Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) expressed her commendation in a message on the occasion of the World Teachers’ Day.

Abdul said every October 5 the World Teachers’ Day is celebrated as a special day to thank and pay tribute to the contributions of teachers who have shaped the children. “We salute all the teachers out there. This academic year is one of the toughest we have ever had. But we will overcome this, as always,” she added.

Part of Abdul’s message follows: “We are grateful that we are one in achieving our goal in providing quality education and making it accessible to all despite this health crisis. I commend the dedication and passion our teachers in the field give in making sure that no child will be left behind.

“Today is also our School Opening Kick-Off Ceremony. This entails our teachers’ different interventions in their respective schools. Before this day, we have witnessed during the Supervisory Monitoring what you have invested to ensure that the opening of classes will be a success.

“This pandemic made us more of a hero. It required us to do more of what we were doing in the past. Digital transformation is now part of the new normal. “Teachers and students are both struggling with the digital demand. But this does not stop us.

“We are confident that the “heart and soul” of a teacher remains with us even with this health crisis. No pandemic can stop a teacher to teach his/her children. You worked hard for the designing of contextualized modules for the type of learners we have in the province. Most of you suffered from the slow and even lack of internet connectivity during webinars. Most of you have contributed a part of your salary just to make sure that your learners have modules.”

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