Lawmaker wants e-scooter riders to get LTO permits, permanent recording of traffic violations


Iligan City lone district representative Frederick W Siao. (

Iligan City lone district representative Frederick Siao wants riders of electric scooters to get permits from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to ensure they have basic knowledge and understanding of laws on road safety.

In a statement, Siao, author of House Bill 1987 or the Philippine Responsible Driving and Accountability Act, said that electric scooters can be deadly if the driver is irresponsible or incompetent.

“Electric scooters are motorized and can speed up faster than bicycles. Permits should be a requirement prior to purchase of electric scooters,” Siao said.

“LTO permits should be required for those who own, use, or buy electric scooters since these scooters can be just as deadly as bicycles if driven irresponsibly,” he added.

The Department of Transportation is currently drafting a memorandum circular that will oversee over all kinds of electric vehicles in the country — including electric scooters and two-wheeled e-bikes.

Permanent recording of all traffic violations

Siao also proposed the permanent electronic recording of all traffic violations and road safety incidents in every barangay, as well as establishing a national and barangay-based road safety incident recording and monitoring system.

“This will ensure that culpable individuals are held responsible of their actions,” he added.

“This system shall be linked to the LTO and LTFRB so these agencies can have a more comprehensive way to determine who should be given the privilege to drive on our country’s roads,” he said.

“Every day, we have many road crash incidents, hit-and-run, and traffic violations which are not recorded either on CCTV recordings or blotters. This means, those culpable are not held responsible,” he said in a written statement.

He cited as an example the recent hit-and-run incident that killed the nurse frontliner Renz Perez.

“Nabangga niya si Perez habang nagbibisikleta pero imbes na tinulungan, tinakasan niya ang kawawang frontliner,” said Siao.

(He hit Perez, who was riding his bike, but instead of helping him, he left the poor frontliner.)

Not recording traffic violations and road safety incidents by the assigned enforcers and officials will be subject to administrative, civil, and criminal action.

Such incidents and violations, Siao further added, should still be recorded despite the concerned parties agreeing on an amicable settlement because “such incidents are a matter of public safety, public health, and public policy” and are “not private incidents of the kind which are not subject to law enforcement.”

“Hindi iyan makatarungan sapagkat hindi nito naiaalis sa kalsada ang mga iresponsable o incompetent na motoristang wala na dapat lisensiya para magmaneho ng anumang sasakyan,” he said.

(That is not fair for it does not take the irresponsible or incompetent individuals who shouldn’t have licenses to drive anymore off our streets.)

As part of this system, he suggested installing user-friendly mobile apps for incident reporting on the smartphones of barangay officials and tanods. (Muslimedia.PH)

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